Ikarus Athletics Launches Ultra-Durable Line of Customizable Leather Weightlifting Gear

Equipped with a high-quality line of weightlifting belts, straps, and wraps, California-based Ikarus Athletics today officially launched its company with the promise to bring the same passion and dedication to their product line that weightlifters bring to their craft.

According to company founder, Raymond Hensley, Ikarus Athletics understands that the relationship between weightlifters and their equipment is highly personal, which is why the company offers equipment customization of their entire line of weightlifting belts at no additional charge.

“There is a special relationship between the remarkable athletes in the weightlifting world and the equipment they use. The equipment acts an extension of the athlete and is a constant reminder of the countless hours invested in training,” Hensley emphasized today. “Our challenge was to bring that intrinsic drive for greatness that weightlifters bring to the gym everyday to our product line, while also providing them with an affordable way to customize belts in a variety of highly personal ways, and without any hidden fees.”

The Ikarus Athletics lineup of weightlifting belts includes the Olympic Weightlifting Belt, 4” Lever Belt, the 4” Power Belt, and the Adaptive Performance Belt – all of which are handmade in America with locally-sourced leather and are fully-customizable at no additional change.

The Olympic Weightlifting Belt uses only the highest-grade materials for a belt that will last the length of any weightlifter's career. This belt is tapered in the front to allow for increased mobility in both the start and receiving positions.

The 4” Lever Belt is available in 10mm and 13mm thickness and features an easy-to-use lever buckle that locks into place with the flick of the wrist, delivering maximum performance and protection. The 4” Power Belt is also available in both 10mm and 13mm thickness, making it durable enough for daily training and dependable enough to last an entire career.

Finally, the Adaptive Performance Belt features the flexibility of a hook-and-loop fastener with no sacrifice on performance. The buckle-less attachment system is secured to the belt with industrial grade polypropylene webbing for maximum performance in any size.

All Ikarus Athletics weightlifting belts are made with soft, high-quality leathers so they feel broken in right out of the box – and maintain that feeling throughout an entire weightlifting career.

In addition to the complete lineup of weightlifting belts, Ikarus Athletics also manufacturers ultra-durable, high-quality straps and wraps.

The Lasso Weightlifting Strap allows for a fast and secure wrap about the bar while the low profile design allows for an easy transition back to a full grip prior to deadlift competition while the Olympic Weightlifting Strap features a short, teardrop design that allows for a quick wrap around the bar and an even faster release once the lift is complete. The soft yet durable nature of these straps takes the stress off hands during training, saving them for competition.

The Ikarus Wrist Wrap features a woven blend of cotton and polyester with zero stretch that allows them to be worn throughout an entire workout to help wrists stand up to strenuous training. The Olympic Knee Wrap is made of a cotton and natural rubber blend and keeps knees strong and stable featuring a custom level of compression that is soft enough to wear for an entire workout.

The company’s mantra, The Way of the Ikarus, describes the drive for greatness all athletes share and that success isn’t about winning so much as it is about the endless hours of dedication and commitment it takes to get there.

“The level of quality in our products is based on the premise that greatness in the gym can only be achieved through that relentless, day-to-day grind weightlifters must endure to reach their goals,” Hensley added. “We have created a complete suite of products that are just as tough and enduring as this mindset, and we look forward to equipping the global community of weightlifters with the customized, affordable belts and other gear that allow them to thrive both in training and competition.”

For more information, visit www.ikarusathletics.com. For hi-res photography, click here.